5 Ways to Get Money From Internet

Growth in the number of Internet users in the world is currently experiencing a rapid increase, and this directly provide opportunities for many people to earn money from the internet. If we look, online business has become one of the most promising business opportunities today. How not, some online businesses that I know can have a monthly income with a large number.

Perhaps most of us would be tempted to want to start their own online business, but they do not know how to make money from the internet. If you are an internet marketer (online marketer) who are experts, likely to make money from the internet is not something difficult. However, a different story when you are still a beginner (newbie) in the world of online marketing. Instead of getting the money, the way he wrote is still confused, just like I used hehehe.

This topic is already often discussed in various media, both online media or offline media. However, I still think there are many people who are still looking for and continue to collect information on how to earn income from the internet. Do not be far away, consider the time line of your friends on Facebook or Twitter, certainly a lot of talk on this topic. Even as you are reading this article, you must have been looking for information on how to make money from the internet.

Well, I will discuss some kind of online business that can provide income. Some of which I will discuss it based on my experience, and several others based on the experience of my friends who also works as an online entrepreneur.

1. Through Advertising Program in Website / Blog

As you can see on this blog or on some other blogs you've visited, advertising space on your blog / website is one of the effective ways to earn money online. If overseas - particularly the USA - mostly their blog or website listed in Google Adsense program, namely advertising program owned by Google which the publisher can earn revenue from clicks Google Adsense ads in their blog.

This program is called by the PPC (Pay Per Click), the publisher will be paid for every click made by visitors (visitors) website or blog, where the cost per click is already determined in advance by the Advertiser (advertisers). In addition to Google Adsense, there are many other companies that offer the opportunity for publishers to earn revenue from their sites. Some companies online Advertising from abroad that offer the same program is Bidvertiser.com, Chitika.com, Infolinks.com. While the country among other KumpulBlogger.com, Sitti.co.id, AdsenseCamp.com, IDblognetwork.com, and others.

In addition to PPC program, to earn money from a website can be a way to provide advertising space on the site. Usually quite a lot Advertisers who are interested in advertising on a blog when the blog is to have content on specific topics and visitornya quite a lot. Prices of advertising space is determined by the blog owner or it could be based on negotiations between the Advertiser and the blog owner.

Perhaps you've heard publisher with a fantastic income, there is even a publisher can earn hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah per month from their blogs. You are interested? Wait a minute, it takes hard work and takes a long time. Take a look at the next online business opportunity.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers are those who sell other people's products and earn a percentage commission (depending on the product owner) from each sale does. This type of business carried out by a lot of online businesses, both abroad and within the country.

Products sold by the affiliate marketer is very diverse, ranging from digital products, to products that are in physical form, or even a combination of both. Affiliate program that I follow is the affiliate program of Amazon.com and Clickbank.com.

Amazon.com is the largest online store in the world, where most of its products are in physical form. The categories of products sold at this online store are numerous, ranging from cheap to very expensive, ranging from small to large. Such as books, digital cameras, refrigerator, TV, desk, chair, desk, toiletries, kitchen utensils, and even clothes in there sold there hehehe.

Amazon.com provides an opportunity for all the owners of the website / blog in the world to earn money from affiliate programs they provide. The amount of the commissions earned by the publisher Amazon is about 4% - 8% of total sales, and depending on how many publishers are selling products from Amazon.com. More and more products are sold, the higher percentage of commissions paid.

ClickBank.com is a place that provides products in digital form, such as ebooks, software, and also membership. Affiliate program is also very much preferred by internet marketers worldwide since the commission rate is very large, even some product owners are willing to give the commission to 75% of the product price to the publisher.

3. Business Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Online

Well, if it must be a lot of talk directly MLM lazy hehehe. In the past, I did, too. I do not like the conventional MLM business because of the systems and ways of working that I see when first encountered MLM, downlines impressed was made like peonage and uplinenya only served to motivate. Maybe this is just my thoughts, but in fact many members who surrendered.
In addition, I also do not like the conventional working methods in MLM old way, in which the members must often follow the meetings, preparing presentations for potential new members, must woo, need frequent follow-ups, and much more. Surely not everyone can do these things, including me

4. Opens Online Store

The online store is a virtual store where customers can purchase products sold in the online store directly from the website. Today there are many business people who already have their own online store, whether it's selling its own products or sell other people's products or dropship reseller system.
I myself have run an online business by opening an online store where I sell products of others by means dropshiping. I opened an online store and display the products being sold online, if there are customers who buy and own transfer to my account then I would immediately contact the supplier.

Disadvantages dropship business is when the goods to be purchased by the customer did not exist, the transaction will not occur. That is why we must work together with suppliers who are competent and trustworthy. I personally would prefer opening an online store to sell goods themselves, fortunately more and we can adjust the velocity of money and products. It will work more and spend quite a lot of time, ranging from the provision of goods, packing, to delivery. It returned to the perpetrators of the business, which is the most suitable done.

5. Business Services Provider Online

This business is also pretty much done by online businesses. There are many types of services required by people and can be done online. Among them are article writing service providers, providers of online promotional services, service providers of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and many more.

So, if you have the skills - whatever - you can sell them online. One type of service that I have ever sold online is a service building backlinks to a website, and content writing services to a blog article. Apparently quite a lot of people who need these services. Income can be obtained from the article writing services alone could reach hundreds of millions of rupiah per month depending on the number of requests from customers.

Actually there are quite a lot that can be done to get money from the internet. But that does not mean we have to do everything to be able to get the desired results. You should select one or two types of online businesses that are suitable and capable you do, do it seriously, and you will see the results.
Bisnisi do the research for you, and do an analysis to determine the development of your internet business, keep the spirit continually do. And see the results within a few days, weeks, months, or years. This article is already too long, this only can I review about how to earn money from the internet. Hope can be an inspiration to you. Send regards for success :)

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