How to Make Money from Blog for Beginners

If you want to know how to make money from a blog?

Or already know how but still wondering where to start?

Or may have already tried it but have not produced results?

If YES, then this post is posting the right to read while accompanied by a glass of warm coffee.

This topic is already much discussed, but here I want to try to explain more in the hope of more easily understood by the novice blogger.

Are you ready become a successful blogger?

Can we make money from your blog?

Making money from blogs or the term blog monetization is already common among bloggers. There have been many bloggers, which proved successful blog.

I think you already knew about it and that's the reason why you read this post. You want to be able to follow the trail of bloggers who had already been a success.

Is it possible?

Nothing is impossible. Everyone can be successful on the blog. No matter who you are, whether a student, unemployed, young, old, a girl, guy. As long as it can access the Internet and can write the success of the blog is only a matter willing or unwilling.

But ... there is the but ...

Making money from blogs is not the way to get rich quick

I'm sure you had often heard the story of a blogger who get payday millions to hundreds of millions per month just from blogs.

Maybe bloggers assume that it works just sit in front of the screen keeps the money comes by itself.

It is true that the work of a blogger was just sitting in front of the screen, but the money they do not come by itself, but rather the result of hard work over the years.

You would not need to wait up to two years in order to generate money like me. One year or a few months, I think that there could be fruitless origin of serious and willing to work hard.

To be sure there's no new story to learn blogging continues to direct the next day rich.

Things that need to be prepared before making money from blogs

Before you decide to start making money from your blog, there are some important things you should prepare. Without preparing these things, what would you do in the future will not be optimal.

1. Intention steady
The main thing is the intention. If from the beginning was not the intention and only half then the result would also be half-half.

Intention with a steady heart if you want to make money from blogs. And confident if you are able to do so.

2. Leisure
If an unemployed you like me might not be so time becomes a problem. But if a student or a you might have a job offline You must be clever in dividing of time.

Blogging is a very time consuming activity. From studying the technical stuff on blogs, writing articles, promotions, etc., all require substantial time.

3. Capital money
Create a blog it can be done for free, easily, and do not use complicated. But if you would like to seriously, then still need money. Whether it's the cost of internet connection, buying coffee, or others, which certainly is not no free term without capital.

4. Skill blogging
Many bloggers new beginners can create a blog, still confused how do I make a post, but already thinking about how to do get money.

Actually there's nothing wrong on our part because it wanted to make money blogging. But it should be understood that all need a process, not to mention blogging.

If you are still new to learn blogging, it is better to first learn the basic things about the blog to be blogging properly. If you already have a sufficient ability to blogging, then you think about how do I monetize a blog in order to make money.

Understanding the types of blogs can make money

Blog function initially only as a place to write a diary online. That's why the average first blog contents about personal things from the blog owner.

But frequently with increasing age, blog currently has a lot of types according to their function and purpose.

For you who want to make money from a blog, I think is very important to know and understand the kinds of the blog.



Not suitable for all kinds of blogs monetized
Not all types of blogs can use the same promotional strategy
Not all types of blogs can use the same method of monetization
Not all types of blogs looking for buddies
If you chose the wrong type of blog, use less appropriate promotional strategies and using methods of monetization that does not fit, then we can be sure of your blog will not be maximized or even fail in the middle of the road.

Of the many types of blogs on the internet, there are at least three types of blogs are most commonly used to make money.

Here are the three types of the blog:

Authority Blog
General Blog
Niche Blog

Below I will explain details about the three types of blogs and how monetization.

1. How to make money from the Authority Blog

Authority blog or can be referred to as an authority blog blog type is very suitable for you who have a skill or hobby that can be distributed to the crowd.

In simple terms this kind of blog is a blog that focuses on a specific topic or niche in accordance with a hobby or expertise from those who had a blog.

The main purpose of this type of blog is widened reliable source of information by providing content that is useful and beneficial in accordance with what is required by the reader.

Because the content is presented so unique, original, as well as the quality, type of blog usually has a lot of loyal readers.

Blog authorities in my opinion is still quite rare, on average mostly just about online business, blog, SEO, etc. Though there are still a lot of untapped niche. that means there are still many opportunities for you to begin developing a blog authority.

Is the authority to manage the blog should focus on a specific topic?

I think not necessarily. You can discuss more than one topic as long as the topic is still relevant. And most importantly, your blog should have one main topic.

Excess Authority Blog

Could use a lot of models of monetization, advertising, selling products, services, affiliate, paid reviews, contests, etc.
Durable and can be used as long-term assets for blogging accordance with hobbies and expertise.
Not having to rely on search engines to get visitors. You can use any method possible sale, from social media, forums, or even offline promotions.
Does not require very many visitors. Your need is targeted visitors.
Can help others with the knowledge that you had.

Disadvantages Authority Blog

Hard to pick a niche / topic right, especially for those who do not have a particular hobby. In addition, not all niches from which to monetize.
Difficult managed to really big and produce. It takes persistence, patience, and consistency is high.
You should be able to provide information that is really useful so that more and more loyal readers.
Authority Blog Monetization Methods

As I mentioned a little above, to monetize your blog authority can use a variety of ways. But despite that you still have to find a way that is really effective.

Here are some of the most suitable methods of monetization for Authority Blog:

Selling his own products
Sell ​​the product itself is a prime choice. The reason for selling their own products you can benefit from 3 to 10 times greater than using other methods of monetization.
This method is certainly not an easy thing. You must have their own product that can be sold. But if you do not have your own product, you can still use the other methods of monetization.

Selling other people's products (Affiliate)
For you who do not have your own product or do not have the skills that can be used as a service, follow the Affiliate program could be the right choice.
Affiliates is a program where we help to promote the products of others and we will get a commission if we succeed in selling these products.

Installing the PPC ad
This is the most common method of monetization for all kinds of blogs, namely by advertising PPC or Pay Per Click.
AdSense is a PPC advertising services are the most popular because the pay is high enough.

Do not forget to read: How to register Google AdSense to be easily accepted

Offer ad space independently
Do not take it wrong. The purpose of the independent ad here not advertise an independent bank, but the point is offering advertising space on the blog directly to prospective advertisers.

2. How to make money from General Blog

The second is most commonly found in Indonesia, the general blog, a blog that has a broader topic. Many bloggers prefer to call these types of blogs as a news blog or blog hodgepodge.

The reason why this blog more popular is due to manage this blog you do not need to bother to choose a blog topic. You can write what you want

Well for you who did not have the expertise, hobbies, or interests that can be used as a blog topic, then manage general blog is one option that can be selected.

Although personally I do not like this kind of this blog, but actually if managed seriously, this kind of blog can make money fairly.

Excess General Blog

The idea of ​​posting unlimited. You can write what you want. Of news, information, tips, tutorials, anything basically okay.
You did not need to take a long time to be able to monetize your blog. During the blog your own visitors can directly monetize.
Disadvantages Genaral Blog

Have a monetization method is limited because not all monetization methods are suitable for this type of blog.
Income is very dependent on the amount of traffic. You require traffic tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands if you want to see results fairly
Must diligently posting, as more and more posts = more visitors
Tend not be able to survive long
Source of the traffic is so dependent on search engines.

General Blog Monetization Methods

The most common method of monetization for the type of blog that this one is by advertising. But advertising itself has some kind.

Here are the types of ad:

PPC ads
PPC ads corresponding already described above.
CPM ads
In contrast to PPC advertising, advertising CPM (Cost Per Million) get paid every 1000 visits to your blog. This means that visitors do not have to click on ads.
ad Mandiri
Ad Mandiri corresponding already described above.

3. How to make money from Niche Blog

Last type of blog you could say almost the same as authority blogs, which focus on one specific topic or niche.

What distinguishes authority niche blog with a blog is, these kinds of blogs are generally made by people who are not really experts in their chosen topic of the blog since its primary purpose is purely to make money.

Do not be surprised if a blog like this one have an average content of less quality because it is usually the result of rewriting the content of their content or outcome hire article writers.

Maybe you had heard the story of a blogger who manage tens or hundreds of blogs? Well, kind of a blog is that usually they manage.

If one niche blogs to make $ 100 / month, then if there are 100 blog income becomes $ 10,000 / month or a hundred million more per month.

Is it as good?

Honestly I personally do not really know what kagak bad because I do not have much experience on niche blogs. But as far as I'm concerned, the following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of managing niche blog:

Excess Niche Blog

We do not need experts with topics covered, stay rental services of article writer affairs in order.
Due to the specific topic so did not need to publish a lot of articles.
More easy sell
Disadvantages Niche Blog

Complicated because it must manage many blogs.
It took no small amount of capital, cost of domain, hosting, service writers,
Difficult to find a good niche
Niche Blog Monetization Methods

As far as I know, the following are some of the monetization methods are often used for this type of blog:

PPC ads from AdSense
Affiliate Program Amazon, Clickbank, etc.
By selling his blog

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